Thursday, November 19, 2009

Me and E. (an email correspondence)

Me:  You know, I'm actually liking the Dune miniseries (I'm watching the second one, Children of Dune, now)

Me:  On a totally unrelated note, the actresses who play AliaPrincess Irulan, and Chani are all totally number fours.  Oddly, they're quite a bit older than you'd expect for actresses (Alia, who I think is the h4wtest of the three in a contest where placing third is really no shame, is 43...). . 

E.:  I didn't know they made a second one...

Me:  Yeah, I guess.  2003.  It encompasses the books Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, I think.  

E.:  I'm getting old.  Like, old for the earth.  I thought the Dune miniseries was recent...

Me:  Nine years ago ain't recent enough for you?  The Yankees had just won the World Series, a Democrat was in the White House and Republicans were spreading crazy stories about how he was going to murder people... feels like yesterday.  

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